Monday, 21 May 2012


London, Saturday, 10pm: the first time we've ever had a carriage on the tube to ourselves; the rest of the population were watching the dying minutes of the Champions' League Final.  A little eerie, but endless fun as D bowled googlies down the centre to P's invisible bat. 

We were home in time for the penalty shoot out.  I watched cricket the following day; I must be something like a local now...


India.  We're going and I am BEYOND excited.  One minor detail: our trip is during the monsoon.  I'm not sure P has appreciated that fact yet...I think I'll keep quiet about that for a little while.  It should be dry in the South East where we'll be for at least a week - Rajasthan, not so much.  Still, it will be fascinating to experience rain and humidity in a place where life just rolls on (Auckland rain? We all come to a standstill with ruined umbrellas, waiting for the inevitable brief break).

Anyone gone through the visa on arrival process in India?  Kiwis, Finns, Singaporeans?  Very interested to hear your experiences if so.


The weather may be terrible but the least the light is good for more pictures of tulips. I make a terrible Pollyanna.

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