Monday, 14 May 2012

weird free association

My god I'm terrible at ten pin bowling.  That's I what I learned this weekend (didn't need to learn I hated losing; already knew it).

I went with friends to an undisclosed location in Cambridgeshire for the weekend.  FINALLY FINALLY the sun came out and though it was crisp, we had some good weather this weekend for which I am eternally grateful.  I am also eternally grateful to have lovely friends who appreciate the value of laughter, even if it's IN MY FACE when I bowl yet another gutter ball.  Thanks guys; keeping me humble since ages ago. 

The fens in the East of England were verdant.  I spent an inordinate amount of time on the train on the way home thinking about fens and wondering if all the visions I'd had of Cathy and Heathcliff were completely geographically inaccurate.  I think I was seeing some kind of marshy arrangement but with heather for moors?  In any case, the fens were lovely and the rape flowers were glowing eerily where ever we looked. 

Fields of rape always seem to have a kind of otherworldly glow to me, irrespective of the lighting and the time of day.  I always think of the ectoplasm from Ghostbusters when I see rape; I think I have a problem.*  Everything comes back to some kind of pop culture reference, which reminds me that I was flicking channels last night and came across a young Dan Ackroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Made me infinitely happier than it should; P and I launched into Blues Brothers/Ghostbusters reminisces followed by a detailed dissection of the body count in True Lies.  WE ARE SO COOL. 

*Fields of rape are planted for rapeseed oil, just in case I needed to clarify that.  I appreciate this sentence sounds horrific if you don't realise I'm talking about the plant - SICK SICK SICK AND VILE! 

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