Friday, 25 May 2012


I will shut my cakehole on the subject of my smashed phone for a while (sniff), while I inform you about all the other extremely important things I feel you should know about my life, just at this moment in time. 

P's mum has arrived for the weekend.  I cooked a meal last night and it had more than three ingredients and wasn't completely inedible so that counts as a win, right?  I also managed to vacuum the floor so I like to think I'm two for two on the domesticity front.  Except that there were no fresh towels because I'm a sloth and apparently had been saving up every possible rectangle of towelling for a laundry date that never occurred.  So two for three, maybe.  Before yesterday evening's clean up extravaganza, I emailed a friend that the house looked like a filthy brothel and she expressed some incredulity about this concept.  I stand behind it though - the flat was practically carpeted in underwear (clean! from the unfolded laundry I did do!) and hair. Wanna come stay at my house?

Where was P in all of this, you ask?  Oh he was helping, don't get me wrong.  He has had a busy time at work of late and pitched in where he could.  Plus he brought home wine and flowers (the essentials).  But don't think I'm not banking that favour and milking it later for all it's worth. 

I booked the last of the airline tickets for the Big Trip this morning! YAY but also DESTITUTE!  Before we leave, we have trips to Croatia and Lithuania planned.  The Big Trip now looks something like:

Wimbledon (camping in the queue)
Back to England so P can do some GodAwful Car Thing
Barcelona and the Costa Brava
Greece (Athens, Paros, Santorini for sure)
Chennai and Bangalore
New Zealand!

So excited, honestly.  I've said it before but it bears repeating (or I will repeat it anyway until it is done good and driven into the ground) I CANNOT WAIT.  Don't worry, I'm not letting the burglars into any secrets by telling them this because we will be homeless during this period and thus have no place from which burglars can steal things.  THWARTED, potential criminals!  Take that!

Also: the sun is still here!  We are off to a village fete this weekend (quaint, no?) and the English sun shall shine down on our pasty limbs and it will be glorious.  I shall eat cake and be merry.

Happy Friday, one and all. 

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