Thursday, 31 May 2012


I love this tumblr.  So much.


I'm a book whore.  Will read and reread over and over and I love to get my sticky mitts on something new.  A friend recently suggested I get hold of the short stories of Haruki Murakami.  Wow, these were seriously emotive and just beautifully composed.  After reading them I spent a few days all horrendously introspective and, y'know, DEEP.  I felt incredibly disjointed and weird afterwards; next time I'll dole out the stories one by one instead of swallowing the collection whole like a glutton.  I don't think I've felt that unsettled since I read The Bone People.  You don't get that from a Marian Keyes novel, let me tell you (I'm not bashing Keyes or Murakami or, indeed Keri Hulme - I read and enjoy them all in different ways).

All in all a lengthy way of saying I'm looking for some new booky inspiration for my trip away this week.  Tomorrow evening we're on a plane to Croatia; very much looking forward to it.  I've got my fingers crossed for some sunshine as we are hopping on a boat for a substantial chunk of the trip.  I'm not the most seasoned of yacht passengers, that's for sure.  I will do my level best to keep the vom under control - wish me luck!

Please excuse my bloggy absence for the next week; I shall return with hopefully abundant tales and pictures of interesting people and places. 

In the meantime, lay your fave holiday books on me...


  1. I am v glad to have stumbled upon your blog.. i needed some laughs today, and I found them here :)

    I've forgotten what it's like not to read a text book, but I read 'On Beauty' by Zadie Smith not too long ago, and it was very good.

    From a fellow kiwi x

    1. So glad you found something to laugh at! Zadie Smith is fab - my copy of 'On Beauty' was a purchase from Vietnam and sadly began with the final chapter, but I still very much enjoyed it.

      Love your photography by the way - I can practically feel the warm snorts of breath from the muzzles on your current post.


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