Monday, 14 May 2012

my mum

An ode to my mother

On the occasion of being late for Mothers' Day*

You're my favourite mix of the everyday and the sublime

The everyday is your banana, cereal and toast for breakfast
Complete with the clinking as you work
At spooning up the pattern off the bowl

The everyday is your walk, ride and run for the farm
Complete with the swishing as you haul
My horse's cover through the grass

The everyday is your laugh, rise and fall for conversation
Complete with the echo as you take
The telephone into the bathroom

The everyday is the pipe, water and spray for hydration
Complete with pattering as you hose
The latest crop from your garden

The everyday is your ticket, scratchie and numbers for the win
Complete with the exclamations as you record
The win or loss from the paper

The everyday is your brush, finger-comb and pat for the mirror
Complete with squelching as you rub
A new product in your hair

The everyday is your trowel, weeds and barrow for the beds
Complete with skittering thumps as you whack
The soil off the roots

The everyday is your book, biography and crossword for the couch
Complete with the reviews as you give
A copy to me for my enjoyment

The everyday is your pride, love and joy for your daughters
Complete with the smiles that you wear
As you joke about our competence

The sublime
Is in the everyday
For me

*Flowers and telephone call both arrived late.  Sigh.  She forgave me.  I think. 

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