Wednesday, 17 April 2013

life on the 21st floor is all a bit too much today

At least once a year (six monthly? three monthly?), I seriously reconsider my choice of career.  Why am I not doing something with little stress, easy + predictable hours and fuck-all consequences? Does that job even exist?  I'm probably still doing what I do partly because here is where I've found myself without thinking about it too hard, partly the money, partly the days where I enjoy what I'm doing (as elusive as they are). 

Eh, consider this whinge over - I think I've bled lawyer-moaning dry. 

Three hours later: NO I HAVEN'T.  Plenty more where that came from! I'll spare you more today, however, since I'm feeling magnanimous (can you feel magnanimous or is it more the nature of a thing? i.e. making a magnanimous gesture? clearly I can expend key strokes on it here but not in doing a spot'o'google on it.)

Possible career changes:
  • Go back to check out at the supermarket.  Poorly paid, but the days went fast and I got to talk to people. 
  • Horses.  Find a career involving them.  In the middle of a city.  Hmmm.
  • Become Actress, Indulge in Theatrical Tendencies (said with a flourish requiring capital initials).  Shame I Have No Talent. 
  • Um.
  • Um.
As soon as I started seriously trying to brainstorm alternatives, I realise how poorly qualified I am to do much else but lawyering.  Teaching would require another diploma at the least (poor old P couldn't face a 7th year of me in post-secondary education), academia requires self-motivation which HA HA, I don't haz any really appealing writing skillz or ideas, I am numerically challenged and I'm IT illiterate.  Skills I do possess include procrastination, talking and making a really excellent brew of earl grey. 

Time for a cuppa and a bikkie, I think.    Play to your strengths.


  1. Making a good cup of tea takes skill - you should be proud. (I had a summer job once that involved making tea for the boss 8 times + a day, and was frequently shouted at for making the tea too cold/too hot/too milky/too dark/[insert anything else that could possibly go wrong with a cup of tea]).

    1. that job sounds both fantastic and terrible! 8+ cups a day - that's a LOT of tea


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