Monday, 22 April 2013

by the numbers

Ha, I haven't written about homebuying in at least, well, three posts.  WHAT A RECORD.  So here's the downlow for this week because I can't possibly go any longer without airing my innermost thoughts and feelings on the process:

Auctions won: 0
Auctions lost: 1
Time spent sighing over auction lost: 2 hours, 40 minutes
Bids made: 0
Bids whispered about but not made pending meeting the reserve: 3
Offers made: 0
Offers that were to be made except for shitty title issues: 1
Emails to solicitor: 2
Emails to bank: squillion
Dollars spent on valuations: too many
Valuations: 1 and a half
QV reports: 4
Open homes: 1
Drive bys of homes that transpire are sold already: 1
Drive bys of homes that we missed the open home for: 1
Number of conversations about being done with this shit already: 7 (approx)
Tyres curbed parking in too-narrow streets: 2
Number of emails between A + P listing properties: 4
Number of times have been asked "bought a house yet?": 7
Time spent on TradeMe: black hole vortex, cannot be counted
Time spent having lunch with out of town friends instead of going to open homes: 2 hours 10 minutes (and not a second regretted)

So a quiet week on this front (comparatively.  Last weekend was 10 open homes, for example).  Holding out hope for Great Location, Crappy Kitchen But Fuck Me, I Think We Can Afford It House which goes to auction tomorrow evening.  I'm not even sure I love it, having spent a sum total of about 5 minutes in and around it.  I know for a fact it's going to take years of practice for me to get the car in the garage there but THERE I GO AGAIN being all premature and imagining my life in that space only to be bitterly disappointed. GLCKBFMITWCAI, please PLEASE come through not least because my acronyms are becoming worse and worse and entirely unwieldy!

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