Thursday, 18 April 2013

happy little kiwis

Oh you guys, I watched Parliament TV last night.  It was worth it (as opposed to when P made me watch a repeat of Question Time later to back up his assertion that Parliamentarians are a bit monkey at the zoo-ish.) 
I couldn't stop smiling in the latter stages of the debate and as the personal vote was cast. 

New Zealand has marriage equality. 

It's awesome and about time.    

So many of us are bursting with pride today about what that vote says about our society.  I'll admit, Pokarekare Ana sung by the press gallery may have jerked a tear.  Speaker Lindsay Tisch's very strong Kiwi accent made me cringe but also recognise the glory of the representative process - sounded like my great uncle, right there on the telly.  It's a really good day to be a Kiwi.

It means so much to my family personally, but I can't separate that very personal joy from the joy and pride I feel about being part of a nation that wants to recognise love.

A very good day. 


  1. I wasn't home to watch it on tv, but the minute I get home tonight, I'm watching how it all went down online (I anticipate some crying too!)! I'm so, so proud of NZ right now :) It also has personal significance for my family too (my brother can get married in the future!!). A very good day indeed!

  2. So happy for you & your family too!


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