Thursday, 25 April 2013

gotta get down on friday

I ran! Again! 3k this time...could have gone further, faster but this little heffalump is taking it slow so that the phantom knee lump problem doesn't rear it's knobbly bits and make me feel sore.  See also: lazy. 

Only another 18k on top of that and I've totally run a half marathon.  Oh yeah, and add some hills (this was all on the flat).  Good thing I've got six months to go, my dears.  I am unbelievably out of shape. 

Wrote this run down to keep accountable.  Sigh.

I've been avoiding the blog a little / writing about my knickers in order to try and avoid the house-thing a bit.  Totally got it wrong with the last one (fuck the acronym).  Went for more than $160k over valuation.  This was for a variety of reasons, I suppose, but I didn't see it coming until we arrived at the auction venue.  We ran into N there, a friend of a sister of a friend (oh yes, AKL is that small).  We first met N at one of the last disastrous auctions, where he bid (we thought) hugely over the odds for the place.  He was unsuccessful on that occasion.  This was the second auction he's attended and it was immediately apparent he didn't intend to lose this one.  We congratulated him afterwards (tinged only slightly with bitterness); it's a lovely property and I'm thrilled for him, truly.  Just a bit green with envy. 

So, retrench: this weekend, we're looking in such lovely locales as Ellerslie.  Ellerslie sports a train station (tick for Ellerslie), is near the race course, has excellent motorway access and fuck all else, it seems to me.  All y'all Ellerslie-lovers please come to the party and give me the down low on what's good here.  Oh I know, what a privileged wee rant.

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