Monday, 15 April 2013

i am stupid and i already have blisters

Can't believe I forgot to tell you this.  If I do say it, it becomes a real thing and then I can't back out.  That's the theory, anyway.

I'm gonna run the Auckland Half Marathon this year.

I know, I know.  Not exactly earthshattering or excessively ambitious.  I'm not running a proper marathon for charity, I'm not pushing the boundaries of human endurance for love, etc etc.  I'm just running a half marathon for a second time; the last was 7 years ago.  My knees will hurt, my feet will be blistered, the underside of my boobs will be chafed and dear god, that'll be enough to keep me moaning on here for MONTHS.  Good god, it's not even 'til November. 

But writing it down makes it real; as does the first run I endured yesterday.  I'd really like for 31-year-old-me to beat 24-year-old-me when the time comes but I'm not holding my breath (24 year old me was not exactly a speed machine but current 30-year-old-me can only race you to the bottom of a glass of G+T.)

Shame about the fact it's sold out already and muggins here doesn't have a ticket. 

An auspicious start, no? 


  1. I very recently came across your blog and you have made me giggle. I also happen to have recently moved to Auckland, and just today, I was bemoaning the fact that the 1/2 marathon tickets have sold out (what was to be my first half marathon..)! (I'm thinking of going down the charity route?) Anyway. Just wanted to say that I like your blog, so consider me a new regular reader : )

  2. thank you and welcome to akl! word on the street is that quite a few tickets get resold prior to the half because of injury/illness etc - the website lists some sites that do legit resale, though I think they go up on trademe too.

    So glad you commented - just had a wee nosy at your blog and I love that you want a pet pig! ME TOO!


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