Monday, 29 April 2013


Things I would like to have more control over:

(aka some things I should generally have more control over and some things I can't control at all)

(aka a bossy lady's shitlist)
  • biscuit consumption
  • cheese consumption
  • wine consumption
  • wobbly belly bits
  • the Auckland property market
  • my performance review
  • my knees (their performance review is not looking good)
  • that guy on the way to work with the annoying shoes that just, ugh
  • the supermarket trolley (sorry, lady who was just innocently considering her ham options)
  • my mouth
  • the lotto
  • my open-mouth breathing when I run
  • my hair
  • especially the frizzy bits at the nape of my neck that always, always escape confinement
  • my self esteem
  • my linen cupboard
  • the future of the nation
  • feminism (lean in! lean sideways! have it all! have some of it!)
  • my blog

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