Thursday, 4 April 2013



f me, I have to get on a plane to Melbourne tonight and there's workworkwork

I'll be back next week

Oh yeah, I've got an offer on a house

Sweat that for the weekend with me



four (5?) hours later: no house.  of course not! that's ok.  i'll find one.  plus, i'm going to melbourne with a guy who woke up at 1am to let me in from work, held me tight and told me he was glad to see me.  things are fine. 


  1. aww you're the cutest. p.s. your post the other day about your day in auckland made me wanna pack a suitcase and jump on a plane back home. do you know it SNOWED here yesterday. fml. have a fabulous time in melbourne with the b'day boy! xx

    1. snow?! SNOW?! that shit has GOT. TO. STOP! You poor things! still under the gun at work so no melbs update yet - but it was a lovely weekend.

      PS auckland will have you ANY time xx :)


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