Monday, 1 April 2013

auckland can be just lovely

Hallo April, you're looking pretty.  Weather report: few drops of rain over the weekend, but also gorgeous sunny clear weather too.  P and I flopped down in the middle of Victoria Park yesterday because sunshine! and then I got eaten by a cloud of midges so you know, this extended summer business has its drawbacks too.

MUST TELL YOU: the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki is magical!  I forgot my glasses so had a limited span during which enjoying the art was, well, enjoyable (gets a bit ruined when you have to stand next to the piece and squint) - but my gosh we had a superb visit yesterday.  The bit of the collection we saw was just lovely (largely New Zealand artists of the 20th century in the Toi Aotearoa exhibition) and the building itself was fantastic.  My favourite part was sitting on a balcony with a coffee, with a perfectly framed/unframed view of Albert Park and a twisty pohutukawa, complemented by native birdsong.  I chose that moment to break his bday surprise news - he's pretty excited. 

We'd wandered into the city on foot to see the gallery; we followed it up with a visit to Unity Books (fave bookshop, EVER, hands down) and mosey around the sunglasses stores (an unfortunate victim of R + A's wedding).  P and I were so drunk off our own lovely city/country that we ate Bluff oysters and drank Mission Reserve Chardonnay for lunch + felt blissfully happy/like proper Auckland nobs.  Easter Monday was lufferly. 


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