Tuesday, 19 February 2013

shop-window mannequin

Hilary Mantel smashed this one, in the London Review of Books, out of the park.  An excellent speech, terribly misinterpreted and twisted by the Daily Mail.  Gynaecological history and press scrutiny are beautifully eviscerated.  It’s not just the thesis but the fascinating content that compelled me (Henry VIII’s ulcerated leg; Prince Charles and a room full of stacked chairs; Diana’s crumpled wedding dress; the Queen and piles of kebab sticks.)

P bought me Bring Up the Bodies for our anniversary – I’m going to get my sticky mitts on Wolf Hall now, as having read this speech I suspect I’m going to enjoy Mantel’s writing very much.  Yeah, I’m sure she’s grateful for the praise from me, despite the validation from that whole Man Booker prize x 2 situation…I’m extremely late to the party, per usual.

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