Wednesday, 20 February 2013

brown cow

In the interests of recording the minutiae of my life, you can mark 20 February 2013 on your calendars as the day I switched to brunette.  Momentous news, no doubt.  I have been a brunette for a short period once before, when I was 21-ish.  It was a very dark and reddish colour.  This time, it is a warm brown with coppery undertones.  I am not yet fond of it; I was hoping for something closer to my dark blonde/light brown natural colour.  It’s a semi so hopefully it will fade quickly to a more flattering tone. 

 Blonde-A (a self-absorbed peroxide addict) is horrified by this turn of events. (She lives somewhere in my brain, next to Skinny-A but far away from Chocolate-Bikkies-Are-My-BFF-A).  She points out that blonde looks so much better with a pink dress, or a dark blue suit.  Brunette-A (as Usher so eloquently put it, she’s a lady on the streets but a freak in the bed) says piffle, you look so much more SERIOUS and PROFESHUNAL now.  Both are full of shit. 

That is more than enough about a change of hair colour, ffs.  No big deal, I tell myself.  Ha. 

Photos?  HA HA NO. I’m not that confident about it yet.  I’m already cacking my pants about whether it will match the dress/lipstick combo I chose for this weekend’s wedding festivities for my aunt. 


  1. this is exciting! i'm totes going natural next time i get my hair done too. can't wait, although it will be quite a change. i love you as a brunette and a blonde. loving all these wee updates on your life. i am following the house buying process with great interest :) x

    1. Thanks Sarah :) yay for natural (though i hope your attempt achieves a colour closer to your own than mine!). Am consumed by real estate - sorry - this is a space to vent about it so it doesn't become my only conversation.... eek. Hope all is well in Londontown x


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