Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Other than attending a squillion open homes, I’ve been toodling around Auckland, enjoying summery weather. Auckland’s summer has mellowed – the humidity’s dropped off slightly, the nights and early mornings are now cool but the sunshine has remained, up until today.


 We farewelled my mother-in-law at a tasty meal on Friday night at Depot.  Lots of people have written about this wee joint; suffice to say, very very tasty.  Oh actually that doesn’t suffice at ALL – I’d forgotten about the oysters!  Anyone with an oyster aversion who otherwise likes shellfish would be well advised to try Tio Point oysters – pinkish, just slightly salt-watery and not at all globules of snot.  Delish.  On the way home, my brother-in-law was playing silly buggers and backed himself into a bus stop which nearly killed us all with laughter.  Unintentional slapstick shouldn’t be as funny as we found it, but post-wine it made me snort. 


OH NEW ZEALAND CRICKET.  I don’t hate you because you lost, Black Caps, I'm just.SO.disappointed.YET.AGAIN.  I didn’t enjoy the Twenty20 game as much as I ought, even considering the dismal result.  I won’t sit in the old Terraces at Eden Park again (how old does that make me!)  The guys seated behind us were funny at times, but also cringingly racist (to each other, as well as the donut sales guy and the security guard, and whoever else struck their fancy).  As it became more and more obvious that NZ was unlikely to win, the crowd became less engrossed in the game and, frankly, more irritating.  Eh.  I like the cricket better on the telly.  Great barbie with friends beforehand though and a sunset to remember!


My marriage turned 1 on Monday!  We were frantically organising auction bits and pieces so I disappointed my husband bitterly by wanting to just go home after work.  The lovely thing had bought me books and tickets to a play (One Man, Two Guvnors) because it was the paper anniversary.  I’d chunked it and forgotten to sort him anything.  Fucking hopeless.  I trust he’ll forgive me (um, tickets to Melbourne I’m still paying off on the sly anyone!?), but I felt really awful.  P is a gem. 

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