Friday, 8 February 2013


So, I feel a little bit like a prize asshole and I've been avoiding you.  On Waitangi Day, I saw a "Racist Waitangi Bingo Card" that had been snarkily produced on twitter featuring all sorts of awful soundbites regarding Waitangi - that I won't reproduce, other than to say one of them was "Anzac Day is the real national holiday anyway".  I felt about *this* big when I saw that. 

Like a prize asshole, I'll try to defend myself.  My point was that Anzac Day helped shape our national consciousness in a way that perhaps Waitangi has not.  I don't mean to suggest it is or should be our national holiday.  Our nationhood has been defined by Waitangi; Ti Tiriti is our turangawaewae, in many respects.  It's just it's awfully touchy. 

You know what? I'm sorry I said it.  I'm sorry for being offensive.  I've thought the better of that sentiment and am appropriately ashamed.


So, as advertised, I had a rather good night on Tuesday.  Eh, I feel terrible and I can't muster up a chirpy recap so that'll do for the day. 

Happy weekend, all & sundry.  Promise I'll be better. 

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