Wednesday, 27 February 2013

not today, either

You poor souls are going to get very tired of this progression:

- A sees a house.  She REEEEEEALLY likes it.
- A whinges about how it'll probably go for too much.
- A ties herself in knots imagining auction scenarios, sweating over the detail.
- A announces she's attending an auction today, WTF!!!
- A does not buy a house because her expectations of value and price are completely fucked.
- A adjusts her expectations marginally.
- Rinse, repeat.

Long-winded way of saying I didn't buy a house today.  I nearly did, for a while there, but then I didn't. 

We nearly cacked our pants on arrival, as we were the only registered bidders there for quite some time.  The agent was filling our ears with negotiation, conditional offers, blah blah.  Then some crackhead's agent arrived, obviously filled with the authority to pay a ridiculously high number, basically bid against himself to a point where we believe he would have been well over reserve. 

This is scintillating stuff, my house-buying-saga.  It has the potential to go for months, NAY YEARS and it will remain interesting to me alone because it's so fucking repetitive. 

Oh well, you can't win 'em all. 

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