Monday, 18 February 2013

physical and budgetary woe

Hunched over in the shower yesterday morning, I hardly bothered to wash as the pain in my skull intensified.  DRAMZ.  I had a headache.  It was bad enough to spend the day sleeping it off.  And that’s about as much drama as I am able to wring out of my own personal malady just at present. Usually it would be much, much more, no?

So, yes, I had a nice weekend and Monday morning was more awful than usual.


Houses! I looked at three of them! It would have been more, but P was horrifically hungover!  (Just hit all the usual hopeless-blog highlights [booze + where to live] right there).

P is not so enamoured of the cute nikau palm house.  I think it is adorable and I can see us living there.  So I have placed the auction in our calendar and we have some compromises to work out.  SRSLY though.  I heart it.  Even with it’s terrible lack of storage, weird third bedroom/living room situation, useless room upstairs, weird shaped section etc etc.  I think (I hope) the agent is way over-pitching the price but it’s a distinct possibility it’ll still sell for more than we can pay for it.  Watch this space. 

There was another wee (under budget even!) bungalow that I kinda dug, but it’s a no go.  Cross lease, non-compliant spa pool, wee section and a bit of work to do.  It made me laugh aloud with delight when we walked through though – not only had they filled up the bath tub and sink and floated wee flowers, but they had my extremely garish circa 2002 Warehouse duvet cover what was sort of batik and purple with bright pink flowers!  It’s still in the cupboard somewhere, if I’d known it was still such a fashion item I’d’ve have that back on my bed in a heartbeat!  Come to think of it, that’s probably what really turned P off the place.

House-the-third turned out to be out of budget.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s a housing wrap.  (Whew, says everyone, including me.)

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