Friday, 22 February 2013

full disclosure

It is 9am, Saturday morning.  I am discovering.  If you are a litigator, you will appreciate what that means.  For the rest of you, I simply request that you pity me.

I'm all woe+gloom these days, no?  Ah well, can't win 'em all!  Plus, to be honest I kind of need a few more billable hours this month...glam life we lady lawyers lead, no? 

BUT exciting times ahoy!  My aunt is getting married today!  It has not dawned clear and bright, which is a damn shame because she's getting married at her home, with a marquee in the backyard.  The horizon is looking promising though, so I trust it won't rain on her parade.  Love a wedding, and this one'll be fab.  Brill, even.  (P can't bear me saying brill.  In his oh-so-humble opinion, even British folk have a hard time pulling off brill, so saying it in my best Nu Zild accent sounds terribly off.  Need a new superlative, plz to leave your suggestions.)

I can't let a post go by without acknowledging that P is lining up today's open home schedule, ready for viewing.  So, you know, house buying palaver is still happening.  Yesterday I received an email from an agent listing recent sales that made me spit out my cornflakes.  Quite a few were properties we had looked at - they sold for considerably more than I had anticipated.  Otahuhu, you're starting to look quite sexy and all BUDGETARY and what not.  Oh Auckland, you crazy housing bubble rapidly expanding city.  You are much like a blowsy gin drinker, all shine on the surface and rot underneath.  I jest (I totally feel you Auckland.  Which is to say I'm an actual blowsy gin drinker.  If this was 1880, I'd be living in East London trying to sell my aging bod for more than a penny in order to buy geneva too, don't worry.  Because it's 2013 I whore myself to The Man/The Establishment/Whatever as a Lady Lawyer in order to pay for expensive limes to add to my gin).

On that note, back to reviewing documents.  Must earn my keep, etc.

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