Friday, 15 February 2013

if you don't want a nikau palm in your front yard, i'm afraid i can't help you

Dipshit.  SUCH a good word.  Use it in a sentence: “A is a dipshit because she demolished the contents of the bikkie container at 3pm, due solely to the fact she forgot to eat lunch”.

Anyway, f me, I’m freezing again.  After an airconditioning failure and some semitropical temps on the 21st floor early this week, I’m back to huddling over a cup of tea.  I neglected to bring a blazer with me today (black blazer where aaaaaaaaare yooooooooooooooou? I could have sworn you were in my work wardrobe what smells of grotty feety old work shoes) so I’m basically a giant iceblock. I’ve resorted to wearing my back-up suit jacket.  It’s grey and I purchased it at the very beginning of 2006 when I was just about to start my first post-uni job.  It has pleats at the back and an extremely ripped lining.  It’s time it was retired but I can’t give it up.  Don’t even speak to me about the skirt that goes with it – unflattering length, saggy bum and YET I still look at it, think of 2006-me and grin/cringe (gringe? That’s something else entirely).

That’s all a long-winded wind up to: FRIDAY.  THANK Sanitarium for that (can you tell I’m pleased that Marmite will be back on supermarket shelves near me c.20 March?). This weekend: Devonport Wine & Food fest! More House Hunting! That is all!

I’ve totally fallen in love again, on the papers.  There is this cah-ute place with a nikau palm out the front, walking distance to good buses or trains or even directly to work, should I choose.  Fringes of an excellent neighbourhood what knows it’s coffee.  Close to dumplings.  I WANTS IT.  I WANTS IT BAD.  Of course, it is also tiny with a terrible layout and no doubt 50 bazillion other issues but I don’t care about right now.  I just want this process over and done with.  Sometimes, I throw money at a problem in order to resolve it or resolve it faster (usually unsatisfactorily), but when you’re talking in tens of thousand dollars, which money won’t actually belong to you but to the bank and will have to be repaid avec interest (SEE? I told you I knew how mortgages work now) then it’s not really a good solution.  I’m all emotional about this. 

OK, so please excuse me now.  I have to go do sexy stuff like list my open-home schedule. 

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