Monday, 25 February 2013

ring the bell for rounds 2, 3 and possibly 4

Ha! We're at it again.  Tomorrow, lunchtime-ish, Cute Nikau Palm House goes to auction.  If that doesn't work out, Sunday at 1pm Sweet Neighbourhood With a Chef-y Kitchen House goes to auction.  And there's another this time next week: Slightly Dark But Did You See The Backyard! House.

A minor hiccup - we're supposed to be on a plane, somewhere between Hawke's Bay and Auckland on Sunday at 1pm.  Air NZ (sneaky devils) sold us on some very well priced Grabaseat flights a while ago, in order to visit my olds.  Now, less than a week out, it's going to cost six times the original price of each seat to change the return ticket.  I kid you not.  To be fair, that probably reflects in part how good the original deal was, but also the cost of buying at the last minute.  We have a few contingency plans worked out, but it would seem that there is quite a bit of potential for me to be busy purchasing the biggest thing I've ever purchased while sweatily wringing my hands, out of cellphone contact.  That'd be one for the books!  If I never felt compelled to turn on my mobile phone while taxi-ing on the runway before, I may well do come Sunday.

I'm trying not to get too worked up and emotionally invested, but given the extent of my furniture arranging dreams last night I'm sad to say that seems unlikely.  SNWACK House has taken over my imagination just at present.  Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of red in the kitchen (splashback tiles), but I'll tone that down using wooden and white decorations.  I'm thinking a blonde wood dining table.  You see?  I'm screwed. 

It may not surprise you to hear that I am not Bidder-in-Chief in this domestic arrangement.  It's the sort of pressure I would absolutely CRUMBLE under (tears!), so P is taking charge.  Fear not, this is not borne out of traditional role-keeping, but more the knowledge that I would be utterly hopeless at this sort of thing.

Oh yes: the wedding was lovely.  My auntie looked absolutely beautiful and it was a great, great evening.  The sun came out and stayed.  Happy sigh. 

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