Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I think you, my dear imaginary readers, deserve more than just a rant about my underwear.  So today, I'm presenting to you the awesome London-based things I got up to last weekend which were really, really worthwhile. 


I'm probably not supposed to advertise it, the tagline being "Tell No One", but OH WELL the Secret Cinema was one of the best events I have been to in London.  The premise is that you won't know what movie you're going to see, or where you're going to see it, but that you will know what to wear and who to approach. 

My girlfriend and I spent a couple of hours prior to the movie with the other patrons in an old building decked out in the mode of a particular location in a particular era (I won't give it away), eating, drinking and investigating to our heart's content.  A completely fabulous experience with atmosphere; we laughed, screamed and interacted with staff, actors and other guests before watching a great film.

Friends we hadn't seen for a while suggested a catch up meal and drink at the Pear Tree in Baron's Court.  P and I don't often venture West because we're pretty lazy and our hearts are in the SE1, but the Pear Tree was well worth the trip.  Open fire places with lovely service and reasonably priced and tasty food.  I sat next to tall candles burning in the window and nearly lit my hair on fire, while we yarned and drank. 

The Pear Tree has a real community scene: people were passing a baby around (it wasn't squawking so it gets the seal of approval) and there were several generations in the pub without having that feel of being a place where people come to die or entertain little Timmy (I am not ageist I swear, but I hate it when it feels like there are only the elderly or families with children in a pub - a real mix is where it's at). 

Best beans, tastiest coffee, lovely brunch.  The Allpress roastery in Shoreditch was pretty packed when we arrived on Sunday at about midday, but it was still possible to grab a seat and a copy of the paper.  They don't really do hot brunch food (as in eggs benedict or a fry up) but we love their simple menu.  P and I shared soft boiled eggs (fresh!) with soldiers and a breakfast plate featuring avocado, tomato, prosciutto and cheese with lovely foccacia.  

P and I finished brunch and wandered the streets of Shoreditch with our best nonchalant hipster faces on (we’re SUCH frauds.  The noveau-chic-East-Londoner can smell that we weren't cool before it was not cool to be cool or whatnot).  We bought cheap t-shirts with gaudy prints and ogled the street art.  And then bought a half doz champagne from Majestic because that's we're lushes EVERY day of the week and specials are nothing to be sniffed at. 

{Apologies for the lack of photos - more to come next post, I promise!}

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