Friday, 2 August 2013

things what i'm thinking, recently

What ho, chaps?

I haven't really covered all the good topics recently, have I?  In case you felt like you were missing out, here's the highlights package in a lovely little listicle:
  • Royal baby: I approve.  Post-partum tummy? Real life, mah friends (or so I am told). 
  • Simon Cowell's harem: well, bully for him.  Sounds like a baby will upset the pecking order. 
  • Earthquakes: I felt one! In the office! In Auckland! That's ridiculous!  Guess what! I froze! I did not get under my desk! Hopeless in an emergency!
  • Hilary Mantel: OH MY GOD SO GOOD.  Read her now.  Do it.
  • Blonde: I am heading that way tomorrow (no, not a NEWS item as such, but then does the above really count?)
  • Baths: are really not that great when you hop in, inhale in preparation for a big sigh of contentment and realise that you're searing your nostril linings with the acrid scent of bleach.  I think my MIL bleached the bathtub without my knowledge, which is super sweet.  I'm also super clean, having bathed in dilute sodium hypchlorite.
  • Names for the North and South Island: OF COURSE Te Ika O Maui and Te Wai Pounamu should be known as such.  No one is taking away the right to call them the North and South Island because GEOGRAPHY. 
  • Oh god, I'm feeling uncomfortable.  I think the gastroenteritis that has been passed round my rellies recently is headed my way. 
And on that note! Ta ta for now!


  1. I am so behind on your posts! The upside of this is is that I get to procrastinate and be entertained for that little bit longer today. Im at the library so will try not to giggle-snort too loudly (kind of failed on that count already after reading about your bathtub experience).

  2. welcome back to blogworld! glad the bathtub made you snort ;)


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