Monday, 26 August 2013

nerd alert


Of course you did (ahem). 

I am back now and better than ever, even if I did come home from what I now admit to be a giant camp for lawyers (does it get any better than that?!) feeling greasy from my dormitory stay.  Personal highlight?  Organisers were getting a group photo in front of the Courts on Saturday evening, with all of us garbed in our best dark suit/white shirt/suitable shoe combos.  Guy driving past slows down, winds down his window and yells "GEEKS" before shooting off.  Best. Driveby. Insult. EVER.  We completely, totally and utterly deserved it. 

I absolutely loved, loved, loved coming home yesterday.  Even if it was clearer in the deep south with gorgeous views to the snow-capped Southern Alps, I stepped off the plane in Aukalofa and had to take my jacket off because of the warmth and humidity.  I wore short sleeves yesterday!  Also, my house is now insulated in the ceiling and under the floors and it now retains heat!  Who knew what a difference a boatload of some kind of polyester situation would make?  (Lots of people, apparently, but I'm still marvelling).  Oh yeah, very nice to see P too after 7 days of pining (him pining for me obv, I'm awesome). 

Um, what else?  I am most definitely not going to tell you any more about my big geeky week because I'd bore you to tears and you'd loathe me forever.  Oh, wait, one thing: suffice it to say that I have ACTUALLY missed my calling to be an Actor.  We got to play witness a little bit and fuck me, if it didn't all come rushing back and MY DAUGHTER WAS SHOT IN FRONT OF ME OF COURSE I'LL BE ON THE VERGE OF QUIET YET PROFOUNDLY EMOTIONAL TEARS IN THE WITNESS BOX.  Why I didn't pursue that career is beyond me. (No it's not.  It's because 16 year old me was a fuddy duddy and decided to give up the dramatic arts for something that would be more lucrative / steadily employed.  I think 16 year old me wasn't ready to admit it either, but with these looks and stooped shoulders I was only ever going to be competing for the 'character roles', if you know what I mean. Ah well, still time for a career change nearly half my life later, right?) (RIGHT??!)

So, weather report, Spring has basically Sprung here.  It is seriously awesome, I love it.  There are daffodils and lambs and new produce and it is all la-di-dah very lovely. 

God I'm boring.  Sorry. 

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