Monday, 1 July 2013

settling (i hope)

Today's the day, people.  Settlement.  If all goes to plan, I'll own a house by this evening.  I can probably stop using the "I want a house" label after this. 

Keep your fingers crossed settlement proceeds smoothly ... god, I hope we've got enough drawn down to pay for the damn thing!

Yesterday, I surfaced from a intermediate grade hangover (slept until 10.30, watched crap on television, went to the supermarket and ate my face off then napped until 3) and realised that there was still a boatload of stuff to pack.  This was a pretty drastic realisation and led to about an 8 hour round of serious packing activity surge / oh god I'm so thirsty / shuffling things for a bit / can I just have a break? And over again.

The worst part of the packing is the realisation that we have to find a home for most if not all of this crap and the house has no storage.  No wardrobes, no linen cupboard, a tiny ass pantry in the kitchen and about 2 cupboards under the sink, one wee cupboard in the bathroom under the sink.  That's it.  Where on earth I'm going to keep all the freaking teatowels I seem to have accumulated let alone fascinators, tiny leprechaun hats and other such costume junk I discovered late yesterday evening I've no idea. 

Oh wah, I know.  Cry me a river.  I'm pretty damn excited, for all that.  Will live out of my boxes for months and will try to only whinge about it in small doses. 

Maybe I'll even take a picture for you when I get there. 

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