Sunday, 7 July 2013

eating is my favourite

Xi'an Noodle Bar on Dominion Road is the best.  Spicy Joint: yeah, she's ok.  The dumplings at Barilla?  V. tasty but no 5 Spice Stew Pork with Handmade Noodle or Lamb Soup with Pancake.  DELICIOUS.   My new remedy for a 30th bday party hangover, let me tell you (thanks for the party C!  Good times.)

Dominion Road eateries I think I love you. 

Oh also Wellington, I love you too.  It was a flying visit with an extremely rock'n'roll start on the descent to the airport, but you were lovely.  Gusty, yes.  But you were full of old friends and new babies and laughs and can't believe its.  Just lovely.

We got home yesterday (home! it is home! I can call it that and mean it!) and after a short stint at work (ugh) we noodled around locally, literally, in the case of Xian, buying screwdrivers and potting plants and drying washing and hanging pictures and weeding the path.  I wonder how long this burst of domesticity will last?  Not long, I suspect.

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