Tuesday, 16 July 2013

i was born so that other people could roll their eyes

I would totally like a whinge about work, plz, but that would be entirely inappropriate (Love You, O Employer of My Dreams, no really, I promise, mean it).

So that leaves me with basically fuck all to tell you.  Ok, ok, I know I have totally insufficient blog fodder.  How about a list of people who've had a laugh at my expense recently?

- Recycling truck guy, who saw me screaming outside in my slippers muttering shitty shit shit as I heard the truck come down the street.  He got the bonus of watching me pull out the wrong bin, drop a slipper down between the wooden steps off the front verandah and fall over on what my sister calls the Kitty Litter Stones that gravel our front yard.  (Just this weekend she told me to be careful weeding there while pregnant, because of the risk of toxoplasmosis.  Given I've not ever been known to weed or to be pregnant, I'm not sure where that came from.)

- Insulation Installation Quote Guy, who watched me shivering under a blanket in my living room last night and wiped a finger down the terrible condensation on the kitchen wall.

-  Anyone who has seen the inhuman growth on my forehead (crappy Benefit's crappy eyebrow waxing bar destroying my precious petal leaf skin, back to the tweezers I go)

- Approx. 3 people on the street who saw me trip on nothing, look back angrily at the pavement, realise it was nothing and then shamefacedly turn for home,

I think that is it, recently.  Let me know if not...

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