Thursday, 4 July 2013

keeping myself honest, one shameful internet-airing at a time

Things what I have ingested today:

  • Two slices of marmite vogel's toast, one with some cheese (Germany: so right about the inclusion of cheese with breakfast)
  • a faceful of sushi, including salmon (good), tempura prawn (v bad)
  • a banana (slightly on the brown side but surprisingly satisfying)
  • a picnic bar (I spoke to it.  It spoke to me. It probably spoke directly to my ass)
  • a diet coke
  • four cups of tea (I no longer drink coffee and am compensating)
  • guzzle of water (srsly.  I need to go have a drink of water)
  • three Eclipse chewy mints.  Wait...four. 
Things what I am likely to ingest later today:
  • wine (work functions.  they are no good for you)
  • arancini (deep fried and everywhere at the moment)
  • wine
THIS is why I have terrible skin and an attitude problem right now, it's patently obvious. I need to eat more leafy greens and less crappy sweetener / fried things / booze.  Alright , here's a deal, if I cut the sweetner and the fried things will you at least give me the booze?  It's been a rough week. 

(PS mah house, she is awesome.  She also has tilty floors, a serious lack of insulation and cupboard space and a damp towel problem, but I love her.  My art looks good on her walls and my rug looks fab on her floor). 

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