Friday, 2 March 2012

not just vile, also smug

I know you're all thinking:

"Bitch.  She's selling a trip to a beach on Ko Phi Phi like it was miserable.  Lying baggage."

And you'd be right.  Apart from little concerns like burns, bites and sand in the bed, it was effing glorious.  

I've never really stayed at a resort before.  I mean, I've had beach holidays for sure, but it was usually staying at a bach with friends, kiwi-style.  For those not in the know, that involves staying at a surf beach where the weather is generally not as tropical as is usually associated with holiday resorts.  It's fabulous though - nearly every meal is fresh caught and barbequed, eaten outdoors.  You go fishing in someone's tin dinghy and seafood collecting on the rocks, there is bodyboarding, body surfing, surfing if you actually can, and likely bike riding too (probably just to the shops for some lollies with a mate dubbed on the back though.  Nothing too strenuous).  Sometimes there is the luxury of an indoor shower, and if there are enough of you, someone will be sleeping in a tent on the grassy area.  Maybe a blow-up lilo on the floor of the living room. 

The alternative for us is generally exploration tourism.  We love to travel - as in, start somewhere, explore, move on to the next place.  In our week in Italia August 2011, P and I made it all the way from Rome to Palermo in Sicily with some diversions along the way.  So, this trip to Phi Phi was my first allout, ballstothewall, Britstyle holiday at a resort.

I effing loved it.  Due to a mistake the resort had made with our reservation, we were upgraded for three of our four nights to a suite set high in the trees, possessing several rooms, it's own infinity pool overlooking the ocean, an outdoor and indoor shower - absolute luxury.  I started the day with a leisurely cup of tea in the pool and finished the evenings with a pre-bed skinny dip.  I showered looking at the Andaman sea.  I napped on bean bags under yellow umbrellas at the ocean front.  I drank shit that came in a coconut or a pineapple.  I even visited the spa and let other people touch my body.  Freaky but delicious. 

I must say though, the bits of activity we did do were absolute highlights.  Snorkelling at Phi Phi Ley (otherwise known as Leonardo Di Caprio's beach from The Beach), people watching and wandering in Phi Phi town, and discovering a cliff top to watch a sunset (with a bar! bonus!) made me supremely happy.  I'm not sure if I could handle two weeks of hanging out on a lounger, but then again, I think I might be willing to try…

Enough with rubbing your noses in it - but I did want to say for those that care, I had a honeymoon honeymoon - like, a proper one - and it was pretty wonderful to spend such low-key time with my husband.  Discussing the world, inconsequential things, consequential things.  When he's not an ass, he's pretty OK.  We may not have been new to each other, but I was that happy with him, just quietly together, laughing, talking and being.

Smug bitch, aye?

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