Tuesday, 12 March 2013

i'm a cheery wee chap

So, here we are again.  Day of the auction (two auctions, actually).  I’m sitting at my desk, filling my pants, waiting on the results of two desk-top valuations (that’ll be another $270 each please, bringing the total spend on house-buying-type-reports to approx. $1,500 without much [ANY] success yet) to see how much authority the bank’ll give us. 

Frankly, I’m pretty negative about the auctions today.  There are a number of factors playing into this:
  1. RBATWAFD has a LOT of interest and we don’t think the valuation will support a number sufficient to buy it.
  2. BWAGBALLS (heh) has an asshole agent who hates me.  And some committed bidders.
  3. BWAGBALLS’s auction will start at a fairly high number because it’s been brought on by pre-auction offer.
  4. We are dividing up – so I am responsible for bidding on RBATWAFD. Yeah, you heard me. There will be tears, people. This will not be done confidently, professionally, or without vomit.
There are probably other factors I could count – it’s the 13th today (gotta be lucky for somebody, right?!) – I’ve got gas which is a TERRIBLE sign for SOMETHING – We can’t go househunting for the next couple of weekends by which time we’re gonna be out on our asses from the current rental – it’s all bad.  ALL BAD.  Those probably don’t count as relevant considerations, really.


Ummmmm, let’s see…I took a beginner’s course in Excel yesterday?  Looks pretty useful?

Still have houseguests (6w6d – isn’t that the kind of abbrevs people use in pregnancy/fertility forums? OH WELL)

Mum and Dad did not manage to see a tiger.

Yeah, basically, I’ve got nothing.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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