Tuesday, 12 March 2013

i'm an asshole (but he was first)


I emailed a real estate agent from my work address. 
It was not deliberate - it's just that I'm not on my gmail account all day and we're under a deadline in relation to this particular property.  However, this dick move on my part means that said agent knows I'm a solicitor.  ROOKIE MISTAKE. 

It matters not that I'm not a conveyancing solicitor.  It's like a red rag to a bull.  I have had nothing but smarmy responses from this jerk all day.  He's knocked back my attempt to change the standard deposit percentage required (basically, he hasn't actually asked the vendor but is trying to get me to up it because whaddaya know, his firm will be holding the deposit on interest bearing account pending settlement), been a dick about questions regarding clear title - generally trying to illustrate how much more he knows about the conveyancing process.  Which; fine - absolutely he does!  I'll admit it!  I'm not a conveyancer! I have my own solicitor to advise me on buying a house! Who suggested I ask those questions!


I do know how to look up the legislation governing conduct of real estate agents and the complaints procedure. 

Yeah.  I'm an asshole solicitor after all. 

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