Tuesday, 19 March 2013

have you ever

known that you've behaved like a real ass-hat, but been unable to (a) apologise or (b) change the behaviour? 

No?  Just me? 

Well that's depressing. 

My ass-hattery, I feel compelled to add, was not without justification.  Put it this way, multiple small irritants have lead to a large, lustreless, irregular pearl.  Certainly not something beautiful.  I can't justify the over-sized (gargantuan) past sulks nor my likely reactions to future irritants. 

Oh, and my husband has had to bear the bad behaviour, despite not being the cause.  He came down on me like a ton of bricks this morning and I cried petulant tears of frustration (because he was right) and alienation (because he didn't understaaaaaaaand).

I know how intensely irritating it is for a public forum diarist not to give details, but I think my anonymity is pretty thinly veiled so: nothing further to see here.  Telling you more would only lead to further embarrasment as the extent of my bitchiness was revealed.  However, lest you think this a giant waste of time, writing down that I've been a sulky eejit does make it easier to say it out loud to P later, though, so thanks blog, for the cheap marriage counselling. 

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