Sunday, 13 January 2013

what i did this weekend, brought to you by ibuprofen and insect-bite soothing cream

The usual tale of excess followed by woe – it was a pretty good weekend.

Friday night we caught up with friends returning to London to eat, drink, exclaim, gossip – lovely.  We ate at Ponsonby Road Bistro: love. Great food, great atmosphere; the evening felt very European but with a Kiwi twist.  Loved it. 

VENGEANCE the next day however – we got up early to take our friends to the airport and as the morning wore on, a hangover descended…I think it was likely related to the humid weather we’re having in Auckland (amazing blue sky days but my lord, the SWEATING).  As I sat in the hairdresser’s chair, I thought I was going to pass out under the hairdryer.  P and I consumed bulk nurofen and tried to make ourselves acceptable before the 2pm ceremony.  We failed miserably.  As a result, this is the only half-assed picture I took of the New Dress:
Completely failed to take a snap of anything else – left the camera behind.  Sigh.

I love weddings.  Even though I thought I was going to die for a while there between the ceremony and the reception (until the first gin started working its magic), I was happy happy happy to have been there to see the delicious bridesmaids, gorgeous groomsmen and the happy couple, looking so thrilled.  Many of the family we caught up with we haven’t seen since our wedding – so many said such nice things which was very generous of them. 

Now, do you see what I did with the gin foreshadowing there?  Yep, I hit the bubbles at the reception thinking it would totally help me get back on the level.  I got back on the level, then I climbed a few more levels….JC on a stick, before I knew it, I’d hit the dance floor with a vengeance, sans shoes, demo’ing my best running man, hair flips and skanky moves… I fed the bride tequila (she loved it, in my defence) and dragged on a cigarette (I don’t smoke.  I don’t know what possessed me).  P, no stranger to excess himself, eventually dragged me home, where we passed out with the doors open and were feasted on by mozzies.  I woke at 7, cracked a gimlet eye to look at the clock, shut it and lay almost stock still for the next two hours, moving only to scratch the mosquito bites if absolutely necessary. 

The rest of the day was a fabulous gathering of the wedding guests at a beautiful home with an enormous pool.  Feeling dire, I reclined on a chair in the shade, failing miserably at conversation with the rellies.  Seriously, it took HOURS to pass.  I spent the day wading in the pool, finding shade and hmming/haaing gently when responses were required of me.  Such lovely people and such generous hosts. 

P and I dragged ourselves home around 8, where we tried to clean up and went on a mozzie killing binge ('die you fuckers', we shouted, as we slammed our palms on the wall or shook clothing in the wardrobe to loose the bastards) (such a display of class and good taste).  Definitely need to purchase some flyspray this evening.

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