Monday, 14 January 2013


Two hangover-referencing posts in a row, ew, gross.  Sorry about that. 

We bought a car! It looks something like this:

P will probably read this and say NO it does not look like that at all, the mags are ALL WRONG or something.  I, however, could care less.  Oh, except that our spoiler is smaller, thank god.  Mum calls spoilers wally wings.  As in, only a wally would drive a car with one.

The car is very bogan, no?  If you’re not familiar with the etymology or definition of bogan, I recommend you read these. Terrible stereotyping involved,  but I’m nothing if not shrill and if I’m wearing animal print, people will defo think I’m a bogan in that car.  It has racing drivers’ seats, allegedly.  I told you we would end up with something a boy racer would adore. 

Anyway, we can get from A to B now under our own steam.  That’s pretty cool, even if I do appear to have a predilection for Jim Beam + Cola in a can while driving it.  I’m planning road trips a-plenty in order to justify our ownership but simultaneously thinking we should just take the bus because goddamn, that is not good for the environment and have you SEEN the price of gas recently?!  Also, I keep leaving my glasses at work and I’m now required to drive with them so that’s problematic. 

Have just streamed mah consciousness for this post, and only just now put the obvious together:

GLASSES + SHRILL + ANIMAL PRINT + THAT CAR = AGING BOGAN.  It’s worse than I thought. 

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