Sunday, 20 January 2013


This weekend’s edition of “What I Did” is entirely fucking boring, sorry to say.  I went to an open home, cursed at the expense in combination with the location (who wants to live in the suburban wops and still pay trillions for the pleasure?  Not me, that’s who.)  Internet research on housing somewhere on the isthmus, family time, followed by a quiet Sunday.  Oh yeah, and I did things with bleach again that seared my nostril linings, destroyed my fingernails but also got rid of the red mould in the shower (like you’ve never had red mould before.  Well, I hope you have; otherwise I’ll feel like a complete scumbucket won’t I?!)

If a woman cleans her bathroom, does she HAVE to post it on her blog for validation?  At this rate of posting you’re going to know the finer details of my cleaning schedule so I’ll just announce it: there is no schedule.  I do it when someone’s coming to visit or when I get disgusted.  I have an embarrassingly high tolerance for filth, apparently, and YET I am also needy for validation. 

My life: do you want it?

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