Tuesday, 22 January 2013

lady lawyer

When I slopped my way out of the shower this morning and stood, dripping, before my wardrobe, I had a minor crisis on my damp hands.  Usually it’s “I don’t own anything NICE to wear to work”, but today it was “Oh fuck, everything needs to be dry-cleaned”.  I am wearing a half-sleeve scoop neck top printed with tiny scottie dogs, a too-short pleated skirt that should be worn with tights in winter only, and a stretched out House of G* cardi.  Because I felt so terribly unprofessional, I have teamed it with the lovely irregular pearl necklace my mum and dad gave me for Christmas (because adding pearls automatically makes it klassy, right?!)

Journaling: capturing those moments for posterity that illustrate your true self.  Messy and profane.

*Glassons.  The Primark of NZ – sort of.  Target if you’re from the US. 

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