Thursday, 24 January 2013

not as fine a balance as I'd like

More evidence that I am gross and utterly hopeless:

Left the house yesterday with mad VPL.  No idea until I hit the full length mirror in the office bathroom.  It was a train wreck, people.  Add full-length mirror to my house hunting / furniture list, ASAP.

Shedding.  I am moulting again.  I have a lot of hair and generally shed quite a bit, but yesterday involved whole new levels.  Has anyone seen that show with Kevin McLeod of Grand Designs where he’s making his own shed from recycled bits?  He uses human hair to bind the top layer of his earthen floor made with clay and unpasteurised cow’s milk.  Let’s just say that yesterday post-blow dry + irons my bathroom was only a little bit of dirt and milk short of creating Kevin McLeod’s eco dream; it was basically carpeted.  GROSS. 

Jumped out of bed at 2.30am wearing only my knickers and went on a fly-spray wielding, mosquito killing RAMPAGE.  P said it was quite the sight -- mostly naked woman with wild hair jumping, slapping and spraying chemical death.

Woke P up at 5.30am with SNORING.  I don’t even know me anymore.  That’s just VILE.  Cried when he gently woke me to tell me to roll over.

Evidence that I am not gross?

Cooked a pie and salad.  They were tasty.

It was P who blew out the vacuum cleaner, not me (tenuous evidence, but we’ll take what we can get).

My fingernails are now almost of an even length, and it’s not just cause I broke them down to the beds. 

Cleaned my office in anticipation of a visitor.  Clearly I don’t have enough respect for my colleagues to clean it for them…must work on that!

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