Thursday, 30 May 2013

today is mini-friday for which i am eternally grateful

I've got nothing to contribute to the betterment of the human race, just now, thanks Internet.  And yet I feel coerced into opening a new post and typing in words, in the interests of being remotely consistent.  Is there anything more boring that a blogger whinging about block / absence / dearth of subject material?  Probably (urgh, conversations about the length of time I spent on the phone to the IRD and the tortuous hold music.)  But it's not far off.

I therefore present you with a list of extremely unformed thoughts:
  • Would you be (a) horrified (b) disgusted or (c) secretly like, whoa, you're so HIP and COOL and whatnot if I bought a house with a swan in plaster on the chimney?  This could happen.  It's a distinct possibility.  Aside from my general inability to purchase real estate, that is. 
  • Adult acne.  WHAT.  I am nearly 31 goddamn years old and have at least one 'on the go spot' at all times.  Just like when I was 14 and awful. Ohhhhhhhhh...that is more than half my life with spots.  That could just be the most depressing thought that has occurred to me in, I don't know, the last FIVE YEARS.
  • Oh yeah, I don't need to get rid of the black chandeliers.  They're someone else's problem.  Someone else's extremely expensive problem, I should say.
  • Sister baiting. "Well, you wouldn't be cold if you wore a dress that covered more than your bum", says she.  I can't help but snap back "Jealousy will get you nowhere".  God, the whole thing makes me feel awful.  We play on each other's weaknesses; we know them too well.  The detente for her surgery yesterday has clearly come to a close.
  • Sunset happens so quickly right now.  Poof! And then we're done.
  • Bras: how tight is too tight? Should your ribs feel achy at the end of the day?
  • There was a giant pad of post-it notes in the stationery cupboard today.  It was like I'd won the Lotto. 


  1. 1) Definitely c.
    2) I hear ya! I think I might try giving up the coffee again... it's a definite trigger. sigh.
    3) I googled 'black chandelier,' just to make sure I was imagining it right. I have since discovered there is a song called black chandelier by a dude called "Biffy Clyro." I would rather have a black chandelier in my house than be called Biffy, is what I have concluded.
    4) I don't have a sister, so I don't know what this is like. Im sure there are good bits to having one too though, no?
    5) Yup! On the other hand, there have been so. many. rainbows recently! Is this a common thing here in Auckland?
    6) I don't think so. Maybe you should get fitted by one of those boob ladies?
    7) were they rainbow ones? Those are the best.

    1. I googled the lyrics IMMEDIATELY on reading your comment! terribly depressing for eg "you left my heart like an abandoned car". I don't think I'm likely to be a Biffy convert.

      Aren't the rainbows beautiful (both natural and post-it-y)! Love 'em :)


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