Tuesday, 14 May 2013

lazy pantses

Eh, I'm being all worky again and neglecting you, you poor old blog.  Just like I neglected my teenage diary when I wasn't that particularly lovely combo of bored and feeling angsty.  Soz blog, you deserve better!

Here is the lazyblog guide to moi, recently:
  • Still not a home owner.  Hope to remedy this tomorrow, but the hope is only in miniscule, basically unmeasurable amounts.
  • Oh yeah, at least the landlord did decide to extend our current tenancy until July at the last possible moment, so I'm not currently homeless (even if it does feel like I'm living in the office, she says darkly.)
  • I cooked a salmon fillet for the first time.  Two, in fact (seeing as P might have been pissed if I just sorted myself out.) Why have I never done this before?!  Am obviously a hopeless, dopey human being.  It was fucking delicious.  Recipe: oven, salmon, drizzle of oil, slices of lemon, season with S+P.  Don't fuck it up.  I'm just like Nigella, right?! 
  • I'm facing up to the fact that I'm likely spending all of August in Christchurch.  Don't go all Pollyanna on me and say 'you can go skiing on your weekends!' etc.  I'll be holed up in worky places and hotels for the duration.  The good news is I'll need to buy a winter coat (yusssssssss).  I have very mixed feelings about Chch, generally.  I'm very complicated, obv.
  • I got a motherfucking haircut last weekend.  Oh, you say, does a haircut really require cussing of that magnitude? Damn right it does.  I looked like a horror show of split ends and it was bliss. Also, we had to take off quite a whack of hair so I think it justifies being called more than your average haircut.
  • Petite Bocal is a very nice new cafe/wine bar in Sandringham, Auckland.  I liked it very much. 
  • We're planning a Stewart Island retreat for Xmas with the fandamily.  I know it seems early but you've got to get bookings early or risk missing out.  I'm looking forward to spotting some kiwi, creating some triceps kayaking and hanging out with me faves.  Any recommendations, previous visitors to New Zealand's third largest island?
That's all for now, ta ta!

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