Sunday, 26 May 2013

tea + reflection

You'll be pleased to know that my boots are very clean this Monday morning, thanks to a trade-off with P over the weekend (if you clean my boots, I'll iron you a shirt.  This is how marital negotiations run in our house.  See also: if you cook me something tasty, I'll vacuum the mess off the kitchen floor.  We're lazy, basically.)

But other than that, Monday's pretty average this week, boys and girls:


NO EARL GREY TEA IN THE KITCHEN AT WORK.  Crisis situation.  English Breakfast decidedly subpar. 


Nope, that was it.  No Earl Grey + Monday is basically enough to throw me for a loop, clean boots and all. 

OK, so the thing that is still consuming my spare time is the house hunting.  I know.  Terribly boring, no action, etc etc.  P and I narrowly missed out on Thursday night and got rotten drunk and fought to compensate.  That's how we know that (a) Frieda's is a great bar on Richmond Road, Grey Lynn (seriously, love it.  Ex-butchery with charm, as unlikely as that sounds) and (b) we can never go back there (the drunken hiss-whispered fighting.  The shame.)  However, we're nothing if not stupidly resilient and we're still in it to win it.  There's another auction on Wednesday evening.  Sadly, even with no confidence I'm still arranging the furniture / removing the hideous black chandeliers (black chandeliers! If that's your thing, more power you; you have a very strong sense of self/design aesthetic that my neutral-toned and boring self cannot handle.)

Yeah, I've basically avoided writing more about this online because it's tedious, repetitive and makes me get all self-examine-y in a way that makes me uncomfortable.  Just keep your fingers crossed, please? 

In other news, I ate approximately my body weight in thinly sliced rump steak, green cos salad with lemon dressing and wee roasty potatoes last night.  New favourite meal.  Easy, tasty and comparatively healthy (I choose to ignore the amount of canola oil used in the roasting of those potatoes.)

We saw friends ex-London on Saturday night and made bad choices re pizza, beer and wine, but had a very nice time.  I need to do that sort of thing more often - I love sitting at a pub, gossiping and reminiscing (this time last year we were in Croatia!) 

I guess that's a weekend round-up, after all.

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