Monday, 3 December 2012

this stupid little girl is cross

Go jump in the lake, you stupid little girl?  Pimply little girls in the newsroom?  WHAT HAVE PIMPLES GOT TO DO WITH IT, MR TAMIHERE?  Or Paula Bennett’s size, for that matter?

Do you think John Tamihere’s latest is:
(a) A blatant attention seeking move;
(b) The product of bone-deep misogyny; or
(c) Both?

Well, he’s drawn blatant attention to the fact that he’s a bone deep misogynist, that’s for sure.  If there was another point he was getting across (I’ve got all the time in the world for interesting discussions of journalistic integrity*), I’ve totally missed it. 
It's not like we didn't see this coming.  He's got a track record (see the section "Controversies and Loss of Seat in 2005" in that link for some real gems).  Don't worry ladies, he's also got it in for most minorities as well.  You are in good company. 

*Side note – watched The Insider for the first time on the weekend.  You know…that movie about the 60 Minutes article on Russell Crowe spilling Big Tobacco’s secrets?  Yeah, just watched it nearly 14 years after it was first released.  Anyway, it still seemed relevant, even if we do make fewer pay phone calls these days. 

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