Wednesday, 4 March 2015


The renovations are actually going quite well, in case you were wondering.  Gib went up in the master bedroom yesterday (hah, master bedroom - in a very wee house, it feels odd to describe anything that way!) and today I believe it'll get a new door and a frame for the wardrobe.  With any luck the gibstopper will have been in too, to get the walls plastered. 

The wardrobe interior and doors are planned and barring a few minor details, should be ordered shortly too.  Assuming all the framing and stopping happens this week, P and I (well, P, I am mostly useless) only need to sand and fill the roof, sand the window and then paint the bejesus out of everything and voila, we should be able to move back in. 

So yes, it's going well.  Mostly because we're paying a professional this time.  We've streamlined to our DIY strengths - we can demolish, insulate and paint.  With me mostly out of action between visits to family and pregnancy, this being P's busiest time of the year at work and the looming baby deadline, we've decided that it makes sense to pay to get the work done quickly.  This does fill my wee nesty heart with horror though, thinking about the unpaid months of parental leave looming on the horizon.  So much so that I'm squirrelling tiny amounts of cash away for a rainy day unbeknownst to P.  So far, I've saved the princely sum of $350 which isn't going to go far but honestly, just the act of dropping $20 in a savings account from time to time relieves the hormone-induced need to be financially savvy.  We're not going to be destitute by losing my income for a while by any means, but I don't know, I'm like a spare change hoarder. 

Bedroom 2 is next in line, but isn't getting a new wardrobe.  We're just going to insulate, re-line, decorate and replace the door on that bad boy, because we still aren't sure where the bathrooms will eventually end up.  The bathroom or rooms may be on the other side of the wall to bedroom 2 and if we decide to have a wee ensuite, the space where a wardrobe might go may need to be a doorway.  We thought about leaving the room entirely alone, but it's not properly insulated and eventually this baby will move in there.  I think it preferable that the baby have a warm dry space to sleep in, I guess. 

(PS Tuesday was a good day, Dad was well enough to go back on chemo.  Wednesday, unfortunately, not so hot, Dad feeling terrible.  Rollercoaster is the cliche, I believe.)

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