Thursday, 12 March 2015

23 weeks

Things I have noted about my pregnancy, recently:
  • I never felt 'flutterings'.  I went straight from believing I had those weird intestinal gas pops (you know, where there's trapped gas and you get a wee explosion in your intestines, cf fizzing) to thinking a week or so later, hey, that must be a baby.
  • The movement still isn't particularly regular.  At least, I don't register it as particularly regular.  The pops are still there, as is pushing and what must be kicking.  Very occasionally I feel something that may be wriggling.   
  • Pregnancy yoga is the business, still.  Even though I burst into tears during quiet time once.  I cannot believe I am voluntarily going to a class twice a week where I 'breathe my baby' and have to think about my terrible posture.  I love it. 
  • I had to wear one of P's t-shirts to yoga this week.  My gym pants keep rolling over at the top because they don't fit under the bump. 
  • Knocker growth is out of control. I am seriously concerned that Lefty is going to far, far outstrip Righty, which, given Righty's still the size of a football (or so it seems), is a Very Bad Thing.
  • I'm a bit slower than I was previously.  I get a bit huffy heading up the first hill in the morning. 
  • Everything is stretchy.  My tummy, the ligaments in my pelvis - they're stretching all the time. 
  • At night, it's now really uncomfortable if I end up lying partly on my stomach or back.  I wake up quite a bit, but am peeing slightly less frequently than previously.
  • I need to pare back the meal size and eat earlier because heartburn blows. 
  • I really need to get organised on the paperwork for parental leave.
  • I really need to get organised to think about daycare (can you fucking believe it, over a year out from when I'll need it.  Calm down Auckland parents!) 
  • I really, really want to know who is in there.  I don't usually let people I don't know inside me.  But it's not creeping me out - rather, I'm curious and feel a kind of wee secret smile come across my face when I think about it. 
  • Tailbone is still giving me grief, but then, I've not done anything to fix it recently either.
  • Wore a horrible, sacklike dress to the wedding last weekend having paid more than I should for it.  Have another wedding in two or three weeks and really want a new one...but cheap heart tells me to recycle the first to make it remotely worth the price.  Will wear my stacked heels come hell or high water.
  • P thinks he felt the baby from the outside, when we were away on holiday.  I'm not sure he did because when he thought he felt it, I didn't notice anything.  I'm giving it to him though. 
  • I still have an innie tummy button. 
  • I really like Fresh'n'Fruity custard and rhubarb yoghurt. 
  • Good apples are very satisfying.
  • I am ordering a fresh Tank C (orange, pineapple and ginger) juice almost every morning, asking them to put apple in it.  I can tell when they get the proportions wrong.  I am going to bankrupt myself over juice on the way to work.   
  • I find myself holding the bump all.the.time. 

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