Wednesday, 26 March 2014

march madness

Here I am, still alive.  The Queen Street Toucher has been largely brushed off (geddit? har har, not funny really), not so my wee Tim but normalcy is starting to reign again. 

OH HEY, MAYBE NOT, I CRIED IN FRONT OF MY NEW BOSS.* Poor thing was extremely compassionate but the tears became hot with shame quite quickly.  theresbeenabitoflosslately, idontwanttotalkaboutit, sniff, ohgodsorrysorrysorryi'llgetittogether!  There are other things colouring and building into my grief for Tim and Bert and it blows, basically. 

So, ok, other than that humiliating little moment, some normalcy is creeping back.

I am looking forward to rain.  There hasn't been much of it, which is great, but everything is parched and I'm hanging out for one of those rainy days where you wear big socks and watch movies and burrow away, you know?  I think it will wash away some metaphorical cobwebs, too.

In other news, I am getting my first haircut in about 6 months this weekend.  It has been an age since my hairs were chopped and fried with bleach last.  When I pull my hair back at the moment, it's reverted to mousy brown.  I want to feel good about myself, so haircut it is.  When the hairdresser asks (they always do) if I've got something special to go to that evening, I will proudly announce that I am taking pizza and red wine round to a friend with a toddler and a baby.  I think that is an occasion worthy of excellent hair.  (In fact, I suspect I might have done the same thing the last time I had my hair done.  Except the baby wasn't born yet, that's how long it's been since I cut my hair.  Jeebers.)

That's all, really.   

*Not new job, just a new boss has joined the firm.

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