Sunday, 30 March 2014


I've spent the bulk of what is likely the last truly warm day of this summer in the office, catching up with my filing.  Thrilling, no?  Hand on heart, my inbox with only 14 items makes me feel much more in control and like a real, grown-up type person.  However, I'd still preferred to have been elsewhere, of course.

Minutiae: 30 March 2014, Autumn
  • Wearing my favourite denim shorts of the summer (cuffed, raggedy) and a white shortsleeved blouse purchased in Greece, black singlet underneath. 
  • I'm wearing a new-ish sports bra from Bendon because it's soft and my right boob is stabby with pain, so it needs some TLC. 
  • I had my hair cut yesterday and my scalp feels very bruised; the hairdresser was brutal in washing it. 
  • I'm blonde all over my head now, which makes the bruising worthwhile.
  • I feel particularly paunchy, after demolishing pizza last night with friends.
  • Friends had a new kitchen and bathroom: beautiful!  I want their pendant lights from above the island - lovely globe bulbs.
  • My sister came to meet Cocoa this morning.  We discussed weight loss and breaking bad habits.
  • She dropped me at work, which was kind.
  • P is slaving at work too, he's a soldier.
  • Tabby worked on terrifying the ugly cat from next door (seriously, he's a face worse than Grumpy Cat)
  • Yesterday, the neighbour told me stories about my wee Tim.  I cried a little bit, but it was lovely to hear.
  • I'm losing a toenail (it's black in the bed, right foot, second toe) and I can't for the life of me remember what I've done to it.
  • The matte bright orange neon nail polish on my toes is seriously chipped.
  • The harbour is hazy today.
  • I'm still avoiding Tim's corner of the garden.
  • Cocoa's new name is Dags McGee.  Something must be done.
  • I haven't worn my glasses enough this week; my eyes are very tired.

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