Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Usually I love my office.  It has a lovely northeasterly aspect with views of the harbour.  Plenty of cupboard space.  Quite a large desk.  It's near the kitchen.  It gets lots of sunshine but no glare on my computer screen. 

This morning, however, it's been horrendous.  There is a gale blowing and the building is swaying something chronic.  I tried turning my back to the window to combat the nausea (there's nothing like watching the horizon move from the 21st floor) but I still feel abysmal.

This has been compounded by the fact I accidentally drank the first half a cup of coffee I've had in about five or six months.  I gave up drinking coffee one day just because.  It was really easy for me (I'm much more partial to Earl Grey tea or Diet Coke).  I didn't need it, I decided.  Extra money on a vice I didn't really enjoy.  Well, let me tell you - half a mochaccino has made me feel like I'm recovering from 12 rounds with a bottle of vodka.  I am NEVER drinking that shite again! (coffee, not the vodka.  I know my limits.)

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