Thursday, 18 October 2012

odd discoveries

Three odd discoveries from the Big Awesome Trip (as I like to call it, in a very Smug, Extremely Imaginative way):

Thing the First:

Is this not the nicest possible way of telling people not to touch the wall frescoes/paintings/heritage items ever?  Possibly also the most ineffective; while I definitely wanted to sustain some heritage and enjoy feeling glorious, many wonderful palaces in India are marred by thoughtless tourist fingers. I think the marketing may be a little too obtuse...

Thing the Second:


This discovery was made at approximately midnight.  What lead to it was a series of events much like this:

1pm: Arrive in small Irish town for lunch.  Drink large pint of Guinness.  Finish off P’s pint for him as he’s the driver for the day and it’s SELFLESS of you to help him out. 
5pm: Arrive in Sligo.  Text long-lost, never-met cousin about potential for a night out. 
5.05pm: Go to hotel bar to wait for response.  Order another Guinness.  Repeat.  And again. Etc.  P mixes it up with some straight up Jamesons. 
9pm: Get message from long-lost, never-met cousin that she’s working and can’t join us.  Realise we need dinner.
9.01pm: Realise hotel just stopped serving dinner.
9.02pm: Realise Guinness counts as a meal anyway.
10pm: Arrive in heart of Sligo at old-fashioned pub internet told P was good.  Join other 5 customers in a Guinness, while we all watch Crocodile Hunters on Discovery.
11pm: Get rejected from curry house that’s closing as we try to enter.
11.05pm: Discover excellent pub with live music, packed with people.  Order more Guinness and a wee packet of nuts to ‘tide us over’.
11.30pmish: A wee dram of Jameson’s for a night cap. 
Afterthatish: Visit pub bathroom, discover exactly how drunk I am by looking in a mirror.
Midnight-2amish?: Get back to hotel, discover vending machine.  P purchases Cadbury Dairy Milk choc bar, I purchase Taytos.
Immediately after purchase: OMG I am in LOVE.  THESE CHIPS/CRISPS/WHATEVERNAME FOR FRIED POTATO GOODS ARE THE BEST. THINGS. EVER.  SO GOOD.  Take picture of packet so you can remember how good.  Laugh at memory of P’s long-lost family calling spuds ‘taytos’ the night before.  Lick fingers.
9am: Wake to find Tayto packet in bed with you. 

Seriously, they are so good.  I ate them sober later just to check; they are just tasty, tasty, Irish chip-crack. 
Thing the Third:

I miss cut-price, discount, budget, piece-of-shit airlines.  In the above picture, Wizz Air had run out of beer and gin and vodka and tonic and OJ and pretty much anything anyone wanted to drink (it was a Friday night).  So they improvised a 2-for-1 deal so that you could at least get shitfaced drinking white rum.  Now that's going the extra mile.  It was completely vile, BTW.  But it was my 30th bday for cyring out loud...I was seriously into altering my body chemistry to feel good that day!  Boozaholic?*

*I promise my life is more than booze and chips...really I do!!  I found these odd pics on my phone and it set of a little reminisce-o'clock-session and I can't really mix these in with the serious things...they're coming, I kid you not!

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