Friday, 20 February 2015

upwards, onwards

Shall we finish the week with some good news?  Avoid despondency and despair for a change?  Ah, go on, why not?!

The baby looked fine at the anatomy scan.  Better than fine, to me.  He or she looked like a right wee wriggler with a chatterbox mouth (opening and closing all the time, no surprises to anyone who knows the parents) and frankly adorable wee fists up close by the face.  We resisted the temptation to know the sex, though I have a very strong boy feeling, based on the ultrasound tech's level of surety that she knew exactly what we are having. 

My placenta (shudder) is a bit on the thin side, but not to worry, the tech said.  We get to go back for another scan at about 32 weeks as a result and I am already looking forward to clapping eyes on those cute wee heart ventricles and fat wee limbs and smooshy wee nose and all the other very wee things that I MADE MYSELF.  (P had something to do with it, I suppose) (and all the jelly tip icecreams, they've contributed too, I expect). 

There's an actual real live person in there!  A person who is going to be (is already?) part of my family!

(I did have a moment during the scan of 'holy shit, it's only to get bigger and then it has to GET OUT.' but we'll ignore that for present purposes).

Another wee shining moment: someone told me today that I look quite small for 20 weeks and appear to have put weight on only around the belly.  I could have kissed her. 

I'm on a roll, what else have I got that's positive?  I have more tickets to go see Dad, the new lights in the bedroom look great and we can see in there now after dark, I'm going to preg yoga tonight and will feel better about myself afterwards, Bachelor Australia is on the box this evening (o trashy goodness) - - it is definitely not all bad. 

I'm going to try and sustain the glow from the scan as long as possible. 

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