Wednesday, 15 January 2014

only slightly puss-ish

Tabitha update: wee Tib still has very gummy eyes and the sneezles, but takes her medicine like a champ and doesn't appear to hold it against us.  Unless she's plotting an elaborate revenge in her spare time, which would not surprise me in the least, having been the victim of a stealth bed-pouncing yesterday evening.  Timothy Terror Cat does not plot elaborate revenge; I believe he acts more on the spur of the moment.  He launched a surprise attack on my naked thigh last night as I was standing in an opportune place.  If you've ever had four little paws of claws dug into your exposed flesh, I'm sure you'll be recoiling with prickly, sharp pain memories.  He is so very lucky he's cute.  He also tried to chew the skirt of the wardrobe installation lady this morning as she breezed past him.  Opportunist, indeed.

Well, that provides a nice segue into  other things what are happening in my life.  Not much, really, but we have had people in to eyeball our bedroom and quote for wardrobe installation.  As a result of those conversations, I'm reconsidering my decision not to purchase some $200-$300 laminate piece of crap from an Ikea order site in NZ. (Diversion: WHY do we not have Ikea here?  I want Swedish meatballs (pref not horsemeatballs, but that's only cos some of my best friends are equine) and Ektorp and Billy and all of the other improbably-named furniture / homewares as well, STAT.) 

Wardrobes seem very expensive and the crappy gib board in our room needs replacing, repainting, the whole shebang, so perhaps this isn't a well-thought out plan.  I should probably reiterate that whole cash thing because I have been hemorrhaging money over the holidays, what with trips and meals and wine and whatnot.  My mortgage is not visibly reducing this summer which I find stressful in the extreme.  P has announced that 2014 is the year for me to take charge of our finances so we can achieve the mortgage-payment goals that I have in mind.  This is all very well and good - we all know how I feel about being in charge of things, I think - but, as I observed at the time, unless and until P renounces the joint credit card there will be no goddamn extra money to apply to our scarily enormous debt. 

Wow, I am boring. 

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